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: The OPR3D consists of three products in the following.

 Shape analysis read directly without converting the original 3D/2D CAD data without the use of expensive 3D/2D CAD. It is the viewer software that can do the business such as size measurement, sectioning, a copy of the image, 3D-> 2D projection geometry and 3D/2D file conversion. It can easily be used in the field users who do not have experience with CAD in easier to use. Affordable is selling, return on investment is excellent. .





Pro product allows you to use a variety of advanced

features than the function of the product Standard. It provides a variety of fabulous and powerful functions such as “Scene Manager”, “Explode”, “Interference Check”, “Projection Area”, “Fitting BoundBox”, “Draft Angle”, “Under Cut” and “Modify/Dimension in 2D mode”.



Converting work, such as 3D data convert to STEP, IGES, Parasolid and 3D PDF, etc is work that designers hated because it is a task that a lot of time-consuming, repeated execution. OPR3D-Tran is a solution that solves tasks at once such repetition. OPR3D-Tran is a software-only file conversion by selecting a folder or multiple source files, us to automatically convert any file at a time.


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