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OPR3D-Pro  Detail Features


  OPR3D-Pro product allows you to use a variety of advanced features than the function of the product Standard. It provides a variety of fabulous and powerful functions such as “Projection Area”, “Interference Check”, "B.O.M", "Thickness Analyze", “Explode”,  “Scene Manager”, "Create 3D AVI", “Analyze Draft Angle & Under Cut” and “Analyze Radius”.

Projection Area


  • Automatic calculation of the projected area such as XY/YZ/ZX Plane, Perpendicular plane


  • Automatic calculation of the projected area / outer area / inner area


  • Save the IGES/DWG to the projected shape that is generated


Create B.O.M


  • Create B.O.M of assembly with one selection


  • Automatic balloon display and manual placement support

  • B.O.M creation can be saved as an Excel file

  •  B.O.M can be projected in 2D and saved as balloon display and dwg

Interference Check


  • Automatically check interference by entering a value in the range between two parts


  • Automatic detection contact portion with the interference and express by color


  • Paste in the document by copying the image of the interference part


Radius Calculation (Anayze Radius)


  • Automatically calculate radius values for minimum/maximum range and display them in range-specific color


  • After automatic calculation, selecting a solid surface will automatically measure the radius


  • Applicable by changing the radius value interval

Analyze Thickness


  • Easily interpreted in only once of selecting a product rich in changes in thickness


  • It displays a thickness range per color


  • Can use two methods of the "ball (Ball) how to interpret" "ray interpretation method"

Analyze Draft Angle and Under Cut


  • Measure draft angle conveniently and it can be displayed angle by color


  • Under Cut is displayed by color, support minimum and maximum draft angle


  • Determine the angle and coordinate immediately by using mouse


  • Used in injection mold design



  • Create a state in which the decomposition of the shape that assembled complex


  • Explode by the linear / sphere / part


  • Save as a scene disassembled state

Creating a video (Time Line)


  • It is easy to use, you can create a 3D movie conveniently


  • Save work as a movie easily in the OPR3D


  • It can be saved to “.opr3d” what you have work, and can be modified or edited to read again


  • Click on a video on the left, and please watch a demo movie


Create Flow Chart

  • Generate flow chart of assembly with one selection


  • Flow Chart can be exported to Excel file and 2D and saved as dwg file

  • It is convenient to create a flow chart which is used frequently by auto parts maker at once


Analyze Under Cut


  • The area undercut is displayed in color by one selection

  • You can set the upper and lower limit values ​​of the undercut, and you can check the number of undercuts

  • When you move the mouse, you can see the coordinates and angle of the current position in real time

  • Used in injection mold design


Scene Save / move


  • To save the current working conditions and back to the scene at any time

  • Create a video file by using the saved scenes

  • When you save a generated scene as opr3d, that registered scene will also be stored


Fitting BoundBox

  • Without setting, simply measure the outer size of the product that is inclined


  • Products assembled complex, check immediately with one click outline size of each component

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