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OPR3D Brochure

File Name: [English]OPR3D V2_Brochure_DIT_R20140531.pdf

Contents: OPR3D V2 Brochure 

Size: 1.5MB (.PDF)

OPR3D V2 Impovement

File Name:[English]OPR3D_V2.5.1-V2.8.1 Improvements_DIT_R20140331.pdf

Contents: OPR3D Impovement V2.5.1~V2.8.1 

 Size: 2.7MB (.PDF)

OPR3D Proposal

File Name:[[English]OPR3D_V3_Proposal_DITworks_R20150327_w.pdf

Contents: OPR3D V3 Proposals 

 Size: 4.6MB (.PDF)

OPR3D Funtion of Image files

File Name: [English]OPR3D V2.8.1_Functional description of 2D PDF and image files only_DIT_R20140401.pdf

Cintents: OPR3D Functional of 2D PDF and Image files 

 Size: 0.7MB (.PDF)



The contents of frequently asked questions.


What is the different between OPR3D and MODView?


OPR3D is the newest product in 2013 that was developed by the same development company with the same engine as the development MODView. It supports the same way all the features of the 2D CAD functions other than the MODView. OPR3D adds support of more powerful latest features.

The OPR3D, investment effect of price ratio products launched by pulling prices significantly compared to the function is excellent. The price is cheaper than 30% compared to MODView.


Can I get a demo version of OPR3D?


OPR3D also supports 2D file reading as well as 3D. Readable 2D files such as CATIA V5/V4, UG NX, DWG, DXF, CGM, PLT, HPTL, HPGL/2 can be read directly without converting.

2D feature, allows the use of function scale printer / plotter output dimensions and measurements, such as an image copy various functions. A function of projection 3D to 2D and projection is possible in 2D at once a cross-section of more than one that you created in 3D.

CATIA, UG NX and 2D geometry projection data / cross-sectional data that reading in 2D can convert to DWG, DXF, PDF and it can be possible to edit in AutoCAD.


How can I get a demo version?


We will transfer to email the demo version of the full-featured and it can be used for 10 days when you register the demo version from "Product Introduction" -> "demo application" menu.

We hope that many users take advantage of this. Thank you.


How can I use a network license?


It supports both USB and hard rock to install and use on each PC and network license version through the server current. If it is the network version, there is no limit to the number of PC installation and it can be used in number of two to three times than the number of users who purchased actually and return on investment is better because it is using concurrent customer counting method.


What is the recommended hardware specifications?


 By the influence on the size of data to be processed, there is no specification required that must comply with.

It is recommended specification much work is useful.


  •  CPU: Core 2 Duo (2.4GHz or higher)

  •  RAM: 2GB or more

  •  Graphic Memory: 512MB or more

  • Operating system: Windows 8.1 / 7 (recommended, 64Bit/32Bit support) / Vista / XP Support


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