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: The MODView consists of three products in the following.

 Shape analysis read directly without converting the original 3D/2D CAD data without the use of expensive 3D/2D CAD. It is the viewer software that can do the business such as size measurement, sectioning, a copy of the image, 3D-> 2D projection geometry and 3D/2D file conversion. It can easily be used in the field users who do not have experience with CAD in easier to use. Affordable is selling, return on investment is excellent. It uses the viewer of 3D/2D from the company of all of Hyundai and Kia, Sold more than 6,000 Copy is now a domestic viewer of superior performance. 


 Pro product allows you to use a variety of advanced features than the function of the product Standard. It provides a variety of fabulous and powerful functions such as “Scene Manager”, “Explode”, “Interference Check”, “Projection Area”, “Fitting BoundBox”, “Draft Angle”, “Under Cut” and “Modify/Dimension in 2D mode”. If can use the Pro, you can exit easily work complex and difficult.

MDX (3D Viewer+2D CAD)

MDX is an innovative product that 2D CAD has been coupled with the main function of MODView-Basic. Direct transfer is possible in the operation of 2D CAD screen read directly without conversion 3D/2D CAD data, you can use the powerful CAD functions. A combination of 3D and 2D CAD data use, It will provide the business innovation excellence.

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