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File Conversion

File conversion is a service that provides for the person who tries to be tested simply to convert the files of MODView product or OPR3D.

Only once, a range can be converted free of charge, is only possible in the case of "10MB or within two files".

Or if a large number of files, and if it is a large file, please use the "file conversion surcharge".

(Charges: per 10MB or per one file  / 10 USD(10,000 KRW), VAT not included, online remittance)

You can convert a large number of files, please contact us if you need a conversion on a regular basis.


Conversion, the necessary files, please send the following files to the "E-mail account".

The converted files will be sent to the e-mail address.


  • Convertible Files

      3D: CATIA V5,V6,V4, UG NX, Creo(Pro-E), STEP, IGES, Parasolid(*.x_t), CGR, JT, 3D DPF,  Inventor,  Solidworks, SolidEdge

            , Rhino, ACIS(*.sat, sab), PRC, Universal3D,  IFC, VDA-FS, 

      2D: CATIA V5(*.CATDrawing), V4(*.model), UG NX (*.prt), dwg, dxf, plt, hpgl, gl2, cgm


  • File that can be sent after conversion

      3D: STEP, IGES, Parasolid, 3D PDF, JT, STL, ACIS, VRML PRC, Universal 3D 

      2D: dwg, dxf, pdf, Image


  • Input matters

       Company, Person in charge, Contact, File to be converted (eg. dwg)

  • Representatives : Jinkuk, Han(C.P: 82-10-2052-7070)

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